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We are a professional manufacturer of shower screens and shower glass screens. The price is uniform across Bangkok. We offer a wide range of shower screen products, including sliding shower door, naked and semi-naked shower house, shower screens, shower glass screens, sand blasted glass, and decorative glass.

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Welcome to Crystal - Rooms
Welcome to Siburapa Minum Glass Co., Ltd. We sell and provide installation service of beautiful and gorgeous shower screens, including naked shower house, sliding shower door frame and strip sliding shower door that are suitable to your house. The Company has many specialized technicians in three different fields

Shower screen installation work
Aluminum glass work
Sand blasted glass and decorative glass work

Customers can be confident in the standardized manufacturing price.
All frames are produced by MT ALUMINUM. The frames have 2.0-millimeter width, are strong and durable, and up to Thai Industrial Standards.

(ARCHITECT'14) | April 29 - May 4, 2014
The 28th ASEAN Largest Building Technology Exposition
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Installation service of shower screens, aluminum and decorative glass.
We provide the installation service for any project and house by specialized technicians and we also have the service of area measurement to evaluate the price. Crystal-rooms shower screens are Thai products that are beautiful, gorgeous, and suitable to your house.
Install 3 sets of Crystal-rooms shower screens with special price.
Crystal-rooms shower screen consisted of a wide range of product that can be chosen according to your need. The products can be customized to fit specific use based on actual size of your restroom. The Company has a specialized team that is ready to give suggestion and actively serve you with our great pleasure. If you are interested and would like to know more about the products and the services, please contact us.
Crystal - Rooms
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