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Siburapa Minum Glass Co., Ltd.

Siburapa Minum Glass Co., Ltd.
The Company has registered the business registration since B.E. 2546 and operates the business of manufacturing and installing shower screens, shower glass screens, color-coated glass, sand blasted glass, engraved glass, decorative glass and aluminum glass such as shower screens, naked shower house, sliding shower door frame, strip sliding shower door, showroom, office, skylight, display window, door and windows. The company has achieved many works on installation for various houses and projects, such as condominiums, hotels, resorts, housing estates and general houses; therefore we have been trusts by customers for more than 8 years. Our installation is performed by specialized technicians.

The Company has many specialized technicians in three different fields
  1. Shower screen installation work
  2. Aluminum glass work
  3. Engraved glass design work and sand blasting and painting work

Shower Screen

Naked shower house is made up of tempered glass with 10-millimeter width.
  • 304-graded stainless steel equipment (no peeling and rusting) and sliding shower door frame with 2,3 or 4 doors and 4-millimeter tempered glass
Such as double sliding shower door, triple sliding shower door, central-opening corner stand sliding shower door with 4 doors, sliding shower door with fanlight and over bath screen Strip sliding shower door with 2 glass doors is made up of 6-millimeter tempered glass
  • We offer clear glass, ocean green glass, sand blasted glass, cool grey glass and acrylic panel. The products are up to standard and can be chosen to use by both project owner and normal customers.
The prices offered are manufacturing price directly from the manufacturer.

Decorative Glass
  • For showroom, skylight set, office screen, display window, door, window, and so on.
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